Co-Founder and EVP Kristin Karst shares how AmaWaterways boosts wellness.

As a passionate advocate of living a healthy lifestyle, I am always looking for new opportunities to ensure our guests can extend their own healthy lifestyles while vacationing with AmaWaterways – whether it’s through active hiking and biking adventures, healthy locally-sourced cuisine or our popular wellness activities available fleetwide. But true wellness means more than just being physically healthy. It’s a balance of several factors called the “Seven Dimensions of Wellness,” and it’s what our approach is based on.

Spiritual Wellness

Authentic Travel Experiences

Activating your sense of adventure while exploring Cambodia’s Angkor Archaeological Park; mingling with locals at an Oktoberfest celebration in Vilshofen, Germany; or truffle hunting in Avignon, France: these are just a few of the unique experiences that have the power to lift your spirits. Personally, I had my most transformative experience trekking among the gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, and I knew we had to offer an experience there for guests traveling on our Africa itineraries.

Emotional Wellness

Being in the Moment

Travel expert and Godmother of AmaMagna, Samantha Brown, often talks about the "commas," the small, quiet moments vs. "exclamation points," the big, iconic moments of traveling. It’s the "commas" of travel experiences – the smell of lavender in Provence, the crunch of autumn leaves beneath your feet on a Dürnstein hike, the sweet sip of Port at a Portuguese quinta, watching the castles of the Rhine Gorge glide by – that allow you to enjoy the "here and now."

Intellectual Wellness

Traveling Brings New Experiences

The beauty of travel allows us to immerse in new cultures, open our minds to new ideas, meet new people and expand our knowledge of the world. Whether it’s learning how to say a few key phrases in another language; discovering how to make local specialties like a Banitsa pastry in Vidin, Bulgaria; or spending time with the locals in an African village on the Chobe River; you can improve your intellectual wellbeing.

Environmental Wellness

Appreciate the Earth and All its Precious Resources

Seeing awe-inspiring natural wonders like Vietnam’s mystical Ha Long Bay or Zimbabwe’s awe-inspiring Victoria Falls allows us to appreciate the earth more and encourages us to take better care of these precious resources.

Social Wellness

Spending Time with People You Love – and Kindred Cruisers

Loneliness can dangerously impact one’s wellness, while togetherness is one of the strongest contributors to wellbeing. Traveling with family and friends or even traveling solo and meeting fellow cruisers strengthens your social and emotional wellbeing. Spending time with our guests always reenergizes me!

Occupational Wellness

Our Crew is Happy at Work – And It Shows!

When we founded AmaWaterways, it was important to us that our in-house staff and onboard crew felt like part of our family, because their happiness and wellbeing are reflected in how they treat our guests. Their Occupational Wellness benefits your wellness on board!

Physical Wellness

No Shortage of Active Adventures

Did you know our Wellness Hosts lead up to five different classes each day? Depending on their expertise, these classes may include yoga, pilates, core strengthening, cardio and even Latin dance. Our ships also have sun-deck pools and walking tracks as well as fitness centers, so you can stay active on your own time as well. And, as part of our included excursions, we offer three or four guided bike tours per week plus two hiking choices!

Learn more about our engaging Wellness Program as well as our amazing Wellness Hosts here.

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