Our Director of European Operations, Wade, shares his love for the quaint town of Spitz

Wade Korzan joined our AmaFamily in 2003 and became our Director of European Operations in 2005. Working in our shoreside office in Basel, Switzerland, Wade is responsible for planning ship christening events, hiring and training our extraordinary Cruise Managers, and overall ship operations. In the interview below, Wade shares his love for a favorite port on the Danube: Spitz, Austria! Enjoy an exclusive visit to this charming town on our Magna on the Danube and Magna on the Danube Christmas itineraries, as well as on AmaMagna’s Grand Danube sailings. 

How did AmaWaterways first come across the port of Spitz? 

Spitz is a very well-known wine town, but the idea to add this exciting spot came after I met Josef Steinhuber, the owner of Klosterhof Spitz, a local restaurant and winery. In May 2019, I suggested Spitz as a good port for the AmaMagna, because we could have a wonderful event in collaboration with Josef’s restaurant, and because we would be there alone, as no other ship can dock in Spitz when the AmaMagna is in its port. This ensures our guests an exclusive experience, free to explore the town without other river cruise passengers. Additionally, the warm welcome that Josef promised to give our guests reflected our own values for our AmaWaterways family. We brought our Cruise Managers to Spitz during our 2019 kickoff meeting aboard AmaLea, and did a walkthrough of the vineyards. We also had a wonderful dinner and wine evening in the Klosterhof Spitz and knew we had to offer a similar experience for our guests. 

What is it about Spitz that makes this port so special?  

Spitz is located right in the heart of Austria’s Wachau Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is nicknamed “the town of a thousand buckets” because of a rounded hill in the center of the village where supposedly you could fill a thousand buckets with the abundant grapes that grow there. 

Tell us what the evening wine experience in Spitz is like. 

In an evening exclusive to AmaWaterways guests, the wine tasting at the Klosterhof Spitz is upbeat and festive with a fun atmosphere for everyone. Touring the stone wine cellars is like a trip back in time during which you learn the fascinating history of winegrowing and winemaking in Spitz. For the highlight of the evening, guests enjoy a range of wines local to the Wachau Valley in the winery’s historic vaults. Guests are greeted when exiting the ship and their evening is accompanied by authentic Austrian music, performed by local musicians in traditional attire. 

What makes Spitz such a great fit for AmaWaterways and AmaMagna’s itineraries? 

Everyone is looking to stop in quaint towns that are more authentic and off the beaten path – not overly touristy. Spitz is a fantastic village where you can walk right into town from the ship, and we can dock there alone so you always have unobstructed views. It’s absolutely perfect. Before the evening at the Klosterhof Spitz, guests will have a chance to connect with the town’s natural beauty as they hike or bike through the old town and rolling vineyards for breathtaking views of the lush Wachau Valley. 

Anything else you can share? 

The ruins of Hinterhaus Castle towering above the town add to the charm of the village and there is a nice little Maritime Museum for people really interested in the history of shipping on the Danube River. 

From our hiking and biking tours to our exclusive evening wine tasting experience, our excursions in Spitz are not to be missed. Enjoy a visit to the charming wine town while on our Magna on the Danube and Magna on the Danube Christmas sailings as well as AmaMagna’s Grand Danube itinerary!

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